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Jazz Vocal Workshop


Jazz Vocal Workshop *Online*

Take jazz vocal lessons with legendary vocalist Marion Cowings now ONLINE.
Connect with Marion on his virtual workshop forum which gives vocalists time to polish performance skills and work on new material.

Singers at all levels are encouraged to participate, and will advance and grow in this upbeat environment.

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Course Outline

Gain experience working with outstanding jazz accompanists in a creative environment, and develop a network of peers in the jazz community. Refine the elements of a successful jazz vocal performance; Conduct and communicate your musical vision to your band with simple, clear signals-understand the process of kicking off a tune in the tempo YOU want. Refine microphone technique and understand the PA system. Learn the elements of an original style, and the importance of storytelling. Discover how emotional honesty wins an audience. Learn techniques to aid in consistent pitch and breath control, and manage stage fright. Scat singing can be demystified!

* Elements of Successful Jazz Vocal Performance
* The Process of Selecting and Delivering Songs
* The Elements of an Original Style; the Importance of Storytelling
* How Emotional Honesty Wins an Audience
* Techniques to Aid in Consistent Pitch and Breath Control
* Handle the Seductive Power of Tone Quality
* Scat Singing Demystified; Conducting Your Ensemble
* Working with a Microphone and Understanding the Public Address System
* Eliminating Stage Fright
* Are You Too Hip for the Room?


Former Students

Harry Connick Jr

Miles Griffith

Roseanna Vitro